SkillsComp is an example of a project that combines education and business. Its main goal is to increase the attractiveness and quality of school-business partnerships by organizing professional skills competitions and developing a competence profile for the coordinator of skills competitions (VET teachers). and company representatives), with competences in planning and conducting skills competitions, based on practical competition tasks and the WorldSkills formula.

WorldSkills and EuroSkills are international competitions held every two years to promote professional skills. They change stereotypical thinking about learning in vocational schools, create their professional image, restore work ethos and awareness of the usefulness of the profession, and, above all, popularize close cooperation between schools and employers.

If we use a sports metaphor, WorldSkills is the world championship, EuroSkills is the European championship, and Skills-Poland is the Polish championship. In Poland, the institution responsible for organizing competitions at the national level, i.e. Skills Poland, is the Foundation for the Development of the Education System in Warsaw. Membership in WorldSkills Europe allows you to register teams to participate in the biennial EuroSkills competition. The eighth edition of EuroSkills will be held for the first time in Poland. From September 5 to 9, 2023, thousands of young people will compete in Gdańsk in dozens of competitions.

As part of the SkillsComp project, three nationwide professional skills competitions are organized
in the following competitions: